44. Ancient Eyes - A Third Chance (2024)

I will be the first to admit that while I have a concrete idea of the big plot points, you, my readers, do inspire me sometimes with ideas for the "slice of life" bits XD I do try to think of everything, but I'm not really that exciting of a person, so sometimes I need help XD

Enjoy this short fluff.


Over the years, the villagers had developed a sort of respectful fear of Alma Madrigal. It wasn't even the fact that she had Pueblito at her fingertips, or that her entire magically gifted family listened to her—it was the look that creeped into her eyes when she gazed at those who slighted her family that made one shudder. The disappointment weighed heavily, as if she expected better from them and they failed her; as if they were but a child doing something they knew they shouldn't. No matter how old the person was—or if they were older than her—her eyes made them feel insignificant.

Rafael Rojas had said it was like looking into the eyes of an ancient being. Many had scoffed at him, claiming he was exaggerating. Alma had only been fifty-six when she had banned the man from her home, and so they assumed he was trying to milk the situation somehow—they weren't sure how, but the man had gone belligerent after the ordeal and lost a lot of credibility.

A decade later, people began to believe the man. The smaller instances of conflict between a few of the townsfolk and the Madrigals always left the wrongdoer shaken. Her demeanor was nothing like it had been during the Incident, where her hijos Bruno and Hernando had handled things for her. Now, the Madrigal Matriarch took care of her family with a calculating presence and cold efficiency that scared them more than the gifts of her family.

Yet no one could find fault with her methods. Alma would always be the first to make sure the offender was healed before letting them say their piece. If it was a bad enough offense, she would let them plead their case to the council. However, once it was made clear what their true intentions had been (especially when Rico was present), punishment was dealt swiftly: first by the council if it reached that point, and then by the Madrigal Matriarch. It would range from a pause in services rendered for a month to a year. If it was a serious enough offense, they would be cut off from the Madrigals' help completely unless their life was in danger. It was that little concession that showed how benevolent Alma and her family were. They could easily let the offender die if it ever came to that, but they chose not to. Instead, they helped, because that's who the Madrigals were; a kind and generous family that helped those around them.

And boy, did it add insult to injury in the best way possible.

Rafael had been the exception to having a chance to explain before the council, as the man had crossed a line by acting so violently within Casita, and so close to her nietos. Anyone who had entered the home had been eyed with suspicion for months.

Yeah, no one was a fan of the man anymore.

Even when things were calm her gaze unnerved them as much as it comforted them. As if the wisdom in her eyes could not be comprehended. They couldn't understand how a sixty-six-year-old woman could have such a gaze. Many chalked it up to the magic.

They weren't exactly wrong—it was only a part of it. The other was that, mentally, Alma Madrigal was one-hundred-and-sixteen-years-old.

'Ay, I am old.' Alma thought with a sigh. A shadow fell over her, and she looked up with a smile as Diego placed a flower crown upon her head. "Gracias, cariño."

"De nada, Abuelita." Diego gave her a soft smile and a kiss on the cheek before rejoining his siblings and primos.

It was the day after Antonio's ceremony, and the Madrigals were enjoying a family day in the backyard. The Madrigal Trillizos and the Diminuto Mellizos were amongst their niños, either engaging in some sort of game or sitting serenely as they conversed. She watched as Bruno tumbled with Hernando, the two accidentally colliding when they had tried to sneak up on Milagros, only for the teen to teleport away with a laugh. It warmed her heart to see Bruno laughing so quickly after a Faded vision. According to Marlena, it had been a bad one. She hadn't asked for details, knowing it was useless as her hijo didn't share the details with anyone—not since he was six.

Félix and Agustín joined in the merriment, laughing at the misfortune of the other two men. She watched as Camilo patiently listened to his hermano introduce each of his new animal amigos to him, the child snuggled up to his favorite jaguar. If she remembered correctly, his name was Parce. She watched Isabela talk enthusiastically about something to her hermanas, Mirabel just as enthusiastic while Luisa seemed content to merely listen. She watched Pepa, Marlena, and Julieta catch each other up on the gossip in town, Dolores adding her two cents here and there. She watched Rico float into the air at Ofelia's command, attempting to do some sort of acrobatic move while his siblings made flower crowns.

A proud and loving smile settled over her face as Alma watched them all, her familia enjoying time together. Enjoying peace together.

"Mamá!" Bruno called, gaining her attention as he waved at her. He made his way towards her, taking one of her hands. Her hijo smiled at her. "Stop sitting by yourself and come join us."

"Of course, Bruno." She grinned as he helped her up.

'I'm getting far too old,' Alma thought as she joined her family, 'pero I would do it all over again if it meant their happiness.'

Until next time, amigos, ¡adios!


44. Ancient Eyes - A Third Chance (2024)


Should you give third chances? ›

If you're giving someone a second chance, they have an opportunity to prove themselves and earn your trust back. If you're giving someone third (or more) chances, it means they're breaking your boundaries because they know they can get away with it.

Can a relationship work a third time? ›

The truth is that unless you deliberately make changes to your behavior, your past will always repeat itself. But if you make the right changes, your relationship can survive.

How many second chances does God give? ›

The way of God is the way of forgiveness. He keeps no record of how many chances he's given you. For in the end, it's not about how many times you've messed up, but how constant, how unwavering, is the Father's love for you in Jesus Christ.

How many chances do you give someone you love? ›

There isn't an exact magic number to how many chances you should give someone. Every situation is different. For instance, some people can forgive cheating one time, while others can't.

What is the rule of 3 in relationship? ›

It is my Rule of 3s and it goes like this: Give it three dates, three weeks and three months to see how things go with someone before you get overly attached and start planning a future together.

What is the 3 hour rule in a relationship? ›

In general terms, the 3×3 rule in marriage indicates that each person in the relationship should get 3 hours of quality time alone with their spouse and 3 hours of alone time by themself.

What is the 3 year rule in relationships? ›

It is said that couples who have been together for three years may know by the three-year mark if they want to remain together or not. They may start to see incompatibilities or find themselves arguing more. For some, the three-year mark may involve less conflict.

Should you give someone more than one chance? ›

While it is okay to have ups and downs in a relationship, if two people are unhappy with each other or their actions serve as dealbreakers, it may be time to walk away. Sometimes it is healthier to decide to move on from the relationship if things are going downhill rather than think about relationship second chances.

Is it okay to not give people second chances? ›

If people only hurt themselves then they are on their first chance having a tough time at it. But if they have ruined someone else's chance then they may be given a second chance but it probably won't work out. Deciding whether to give someone a second chance is a personal choice and can depend on various factors.

How do you know if you should give another chance? ›

Consider these 10 points before deciding whether you want to do a second chances relationship.
  1. Can you forgive?
  2. Know if they're worth a second chance.
  3. Is this really what you want?
  4. Check your partner's actions.
  5. Are you both committed to making things work?
  6. A toxic relationship? ...
  7. Know if things will work out.
Mar 13, 2024

Should I give my relationship another chance? ›

If your significant other has acknowledged behaving wrongly, giving a second chance is a fair action. However, if they refuse to acknowledge how their actions may have been hurtful, you have some ways to go. You probably need external assistance to get out of such a dead end.

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