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A shiver ran down my spine as I bolted upright in bed, the words echoing in my mind: "You feel an evil presence watching you..."

My heart pounded as I scanned my surroundings, eyes wide in the dim light. "Great," I muttered to myself, "just what I needed tonight." I knew what was coming. The Eye of Cthulhu. I had a few precious moments before it spawned, but I needed every second.

Jumping out of bed, I hurriedly checked my armor making sure I still had it equipped. Note to self: upgrade this armor soon. This tin can won’t cut it much longer. Racing to my storage room, my mind a whirlwind of strategies. I knew the Eye’s patterns, its strengths, and weaknesses. Alright, Cale, think. What’s the quickest way to turn this nightmare into minced meat?

My fingers flew over my crafting system, making an enchanted boomerang, and quickly searching for the recipe for the Aegis Driver. "Come on, come on, don’t fail me now," I muttered, willing my hands to move faster.

The moment the Aegis Driver was complete, I felt a surge of mana course through me as the weapon connected to my mana. Gripping the hilt, I stepped outside just as the ground began to tremble. "Showtime," I whispered, squinting into the moonlight. The Eye of Cthulhu descended from the sky, its gaze fixed on me with malevolent intent. My heart sank. "Of course, it's faster than I remember. Just my luck. f*ck you calamity mod"

I quickly deployed my drones, three small mechanical helpers buzzing to life and taking positions around me. "Alright everyone, let's give this overgrown eyeball a lesson."

As the Eye descended, it began floating directly above me, spawning a swarm of Mini-Eye’s. I slashed at the minions. The Eye rapidly charging at me, each swoop narrowly missing as I rolled and dodged.

The Eye retaliated with a barrage of smaller eyes, shooting out like bullets. I raised my shield, deflecting some while my drones intercepted the others their beams.

I charged forward, the Aegis Driver blazing with fiery light. The Eye roared, its movements becoming more erratic. The fiery arcs from my magic sword lit up the night, each explosion pushing the Eye back. "How do you like that, huh?”

The Eye suddenly spun, transforming as its blood-red iris splitting open to reveal a maw lined with jagged teeth with an ear-splitting roar. It spawned more Servants, and I braced myself for the increased assault, grunting as I was pushed back by the onslaught, “Me and my damn mouth…”

Bloody spikes shot forth, piercing through my armor like paper, embedding deep into my flesh. I staggered back, gritting my teeth against the pain.

The Eye fired another spread of blood spikes before launching into a rapid series of dashes. I dodged left and right, trying to predict its movements. Directing my drones to circle the Eye, hitting it from all sides with their lasers. But as the Eye's speed increased, I struggled to keep up.

A powerful blow caught me off guard, sending me sprawling across the ground. My vision blurred as I tried to stand. "Not good, not good at all," I muttered, feeling the weakness of my armor. The Eye charged again, its massive form crashing into me. I barely rolled away, feeling the force of its attack.

As its health slowly dwindled further, the Eye launched into a furious horizontal dash, spawning more Servants. I fought through the pain, slashing at the minions and avoiding the Eye’s relentless attacks. My drones buzzing around me, providing crucial cover fire, but it wasn't enough.

Another series of blood spikes piercing through my gut, and I felt my strength fail. "This armor is useless," I thought, frustration creeping in, but that wasn’t enough. My vision began to darken as I collapsed to the ground in a kneel.

Using the last of my strength, I held up my middle finger and flipped that piece of sh*t off. Darkness taking over fully as the Eye raged and slammed into me for the final time.

───────╔═════╣ ● ╠═════╗───────

I awoke with a start, gasping for breath, my body drenched in sweat. The familiar ceiling of my room came into focus, and I let out a frustrated groan. "Damn it, I died again," I muttered, sitting up and clutching my head. The sensation of waking up from death was jarring, something I hadn't gotten used to yet.

"Why did I have to face the Eye so soon?" I grumbled, throwing off the covers. "I knew I wasn't ready for that fight." My frustration boiled over as I stood, pacing the room. "It showed up out of nowhere, and I didn't even have time to prepare properly."

Taking a deep breath, I tried to calm myself. "Alright, Cale, focus. Learn from this. What went wrong?" I muttered, rubbing my temples. The answer was glaringly obvious: my gear just wasn't up to the task. I couldn’t take enough hits.

I swung my legs over the side of the bed, wincing at the phantom pain where the Eye's spikes had pierced me. Shaking off the lingering discomfort, I opened my boss checklist to see where the eye got moved in terms of progression. "Let's see," I murmured, scanning the list. "The Eye of Cthulhu... yeah, no kidding, my armor really wasn't up to the task."

I scrolled down to the recommended progression path, noting two bosses I should tackle before facing the Eye again. "The Grand Thunderbird and the Desert Scourge. Perfect, let's start with the bird."

I tapped the entry for the Grand Thunderbird, bringing up its details. A large vulture-like bird with a beige-yellow body and blue wing and tail feathers.

To summon the bird, I needed a Grand Flare Gun and a Storm Flare, made from talons, iron bars, and a fallen star. "Okay, let's see what I've got," I said, heading to my storage room. Opening my crafting system, the system hummed to life, quickly producing the Grand Flare Gun and Storm Flare. As it worked, I also set it to craft some mini-instabridges, perfect for creating a makeshift arena for the fight. "If I'm going to take this thing down, I need better movement options."

Figuring a why-the-hell-not, I crafted an Instavator to throw into the desert as well, I’d need to get to the Sunken Sea one way or another, and I figure a giant hole leading straight to it would be best.

With everything prepared, I took a deep breath, feeling a mix of excitement and anxiety. "Alright, Cale, time to regain some street cred." stepping outside, the morning sun casting long shadows across the landscape. But before I could head out, Seth appeared in front of me, blocking my path.

"Hold up there, Cale," Seth said, his usual calm demeanor masking a hint of concern. "You look like sh*t."

"Seth, I have no time for a chat right now. I’m going to blow off some steam on a… if the checklist is right, a really stupid turkey.” I replied, trying to sidestep him.

Seth placed a hand on my shoulder, gently but firmly. "Just take a moment. We need to talk about what happened."

I paused, knowing Seth wouldn’t hold me up without a good reason. "Alright, fine. What's on your mind?"

Seth’s expression softened, before a small grin took place. “First off… how did things go with the Starfarer’s?”

I sighed, the memories flooding back. "It was... fun. Asphodene and Eridani are incredible. We talked about their mission, the Ardor, and even managed to have a lot of fun. But honestly, it's a lot to take in. They're dealing with forces that are beyond anything I’ve faced before."

Seth nodded, understanding. "And the Eye?”

I clenched my fists, feeling a surge of determination. "Yeah, that damn Eye showed up out of nowhere. I wasn’t ready for it, and it killed me with those damn blood spikes. But I'm not backing down. My gear wasn’t strong enough, and that’s on me. But I’ll be damned if I let that thing beat me again."

Seth’s eyes widened slightly. "The Eye of Cthulhu's second phase is no joke. It's relentless. But you survived, and that’s what matters. You learn and you adapt."

"Survived? Barely. It was a wake-up call, Seth. My armor was like paper, and I got shredded. But now I know what I’m up against. I need to get stronger, better prepared. The Eye caught me off guard once. It won’t happen again."

Seth smiled, reassured by my determination. "And you will. You're making the right moves. Tackling the Grand Thunderbird and the Desert Scourge first is a smart plan. Build up your strength and gear. Just remember, it's not just about physical strength. Keep your wits about you. The Eye is a cunning adversary."

I took a deep breath, feeling the weight of his words. "You're right. Thanks, Seth.”

Seth clapped me on the shoulder. "Anytime, Cale. I am your guide after-all, one of us has to be the intelligent one.”

I chuckled, shaking my head. "Oh, so now you're claiming all the brains? Good to know."

Seth laughed. "Well, someone has to keep you from running headfirst into disaster."

"Yeah, yeah," I muttered with a smirk. "Keep telling yourself that. Anyway, I’ve got work to do."

"Just remember, I’m here if you need more advice—though if you need someone to save your butt, maybe ask your Starfaring friend~," Seth quipped with a smirk.

With a sigh, I turned and headed towards the desert, the determination burning in my chest. "One of these days, I will find something to bug him with…” shaking my head at the thought of the disc in my inventory.

Rather strange I suppose, but if Asphodene doesn’t want to bug me right now, who am I to deny myself the chance for a quiet work environment.

Alright, time to get to work," I muttered to myself. The morning sun was already peaking over the horizon, casting shadows as I made my way to my next battleground.

As I reached the edge of the desert, the dry heat hit me like a wall, a stark contrast to the chill that had settled in my bones after the fight with the Eye. "This place will do," I muttered, surveying the area. It was vast and open, perfect for maneuvering during the fight.

I took out the mini-instabridges from my inventory, the compact devices humming softly in my hands. "Alright, let's set these up," I said, placing the first one on the ground. With a press of a button, it expanded, creating a sturdy platform high above the sand. I repeated the process, strategically positioning the bridges to form a network of pathways that I could use to maneuver away from whatever it attacks me with.

"That should do it," I said, stepping back to admire my work. The platforms crisscrossed the battlefield, giving me more than enough room to dodge and run. "Now for the Grand Turkey."

I took out the flare gun, the iron muzzle gleaming in the harsh sunlight. "Alright, time to ruffle some feathers," I muttered, raising the gun, and aiming it at the sky. With a pull of the trigger, the flare shot upwards, leaving a trail of sparkling blue light. Moments later, the sky darkened, and a thunderous screech filled the air.

The Grand Thunderbird appeared, its massive wings casting a shadow over me. The beige-yellow body and blue wing and tail feathers were an imposing sight, but I was ready. "Alright, Big-Bird, let's see if you can keep up," I said with a grin as the boss descended, lightning sparks crackling around it.

With a piercing cry, the Thunderbird dove, its talons extended and eyes blazing with fury. I rolled to the side, narrowly avoiding the searing sparks that followed in its wake. "Too slow!" I taunted, feeling the adrenaline kick in.

My drones whirred to life, firing lasers at the descending bird. The Thunderbird screeched in anger, flapping its massive wings to summon storm hatchlings. The small, but vicious creatures darted toward me with a feathery vengeance. I slashed through them with quick slashes with the Aegis Driver, sending mini explosions around the arena.

The Thunderbird made another pass, its beak snapping dangerously close to my head. I jumped back onto one of the platforms, flexing my wings to gain some height. "Come on, you overgrown pigeon, let's see what you've got!" I yelled, launching myself off the platform and using my wings to glide to the next one.

As I landed, the Thunderbird fired a barrage of lightning bolts. I leaped into the air, my wings giving me just enough lift to avoid the deadly sparks. Charging forward, I landed a powerful strike on its wing with the Aegis Driver.

The Thunderbird staggered, momentarily stunned by the blow. Its feathers ruffled in agitation, and it let out an ear-piercing screech that made my ears ring. It flapped its wings powerfully, creating a gust of wind that nearly knocked me off balance. "How do you like that?" I yelled, swinging my sword to send a fireball its way.

The bird's eyes narrowed with anger. It hovered above me for a moment, charging up for a massive lightning attack. "Oh no the f*ck you don’t!" I muttered, flapping my wings to get back onto the highest platform. As the lightning surged towards me, I dove off the edge, letting the bolt hit the spot where I’d just been standing.

I glided to a lower platform, panting from the effort. "You're not the only one who can fly, you know," I said, catching my breath. The Thunderbird dived towards me again, but this time I was ready. I swung the Aegis Driver with all my might, the blade crackling with fiery energy as it connected with the bird’s chest in a small explosion.

As the fight continued, I felt my Mana reserves dwindling and the constant dodging and casting were taking their toll on my stamina. The Thunderbird launched another series of attacks, and I could feel the strain as I blocked the attack with the Aegis Driver’s last charge.

"Damn, I’m out of Mana," I muttered, quickly switching to my Starfury.

"Let's see how you handle this!" I yelled, summoning the Starfury's power. Stars rained down from the sky with each swing, striking the Thunderbird and its hatchlings. The bird screeched in surprise, flapping its wings furiously to shake off the celestial assault.

The Thunderbird made one last desperate dive. I braced myself, swinging the Starfury with all my strength. The sword's power, combined with the raining stars, struck the bird square in the chest. The Thunderbird let out a final, ear-splitting screech before collapsing to the ground, its massive body twitching in defeat as it disintegrated into motes of light.

"Well, that was electrifying," I quipped and chuckled to my amazing pun, and collected the spoils, and taking a moment to catch my breath. "One down, one to go," I said, checking my boss checklist again.

Next up was the Desert Scourge, a giant sand worm that burrowed through the dunes. "This is going to be interesting," I mused, looking around to find an opening to the underground desert to find some Antlions and some Stormlions to loot the mandibles for the recipe.

Finding a narrow, ant-hill like opening I stepped back a few paces and tossed the instavator into the center. A loud cascading boom rang out as the device worked its magic, creating a large tunnel to… well, to hell.

Peering down into the newly formed hole, the darkness seemed to swallow any light. Alright, let’s get those mandibles, I thought, jumping into the opening, and gliding down with my wings, landing softly on an outcrop of the sandy floor.

The underground desert was teeming with life. The sounds of skittering legs and distant growls echoed through the cavernous space. I kept my Aegis Driver at the ready, eyes scanning for any sign of movement.

Focus, Cale. You’ve handled worse. My drones hovered around me, their lights casting an eerie glow on the sandy walls. Time to put you guys to work, I directed them to scout ahead.

After a few minutes of cautiously navigating the tunnels, I spotted my first target: a cluster of Antlions burrowing near a mound of sand. Time to get to work.

I made quick work of the first few Antlions, their mandibles falling into my inventory. Not bad, but I need more, pressing deeper into the tunnel system.

The deeper I went, the more hostile the environment became. Stormlions prowled the sandy corridors, their eyes glowing in the dim light. My drones fired precise laser beams, softening the enemies before I moved in for the kill. I dispatched a few, collecting their mandibles, but it was slow going.

Then I remembered the Battle Cry. “let’s speed this up.” Whispering to myself as I pulled the horn from my inventory. The ancient-looking instrument gleamed faintly in the dark.

Raising the horn to my lips, I blew a long, deep note. The sound reverberated through the tunnels, growing louder and louder until it seemed to shake the very foundations of the desert.

Almost immediately, the effect was noticeable. The skittering grew louder, and more Antlions and Stormlions began to emerge from the shadows, drawn by the call. Here we go, readying my Aegis Driver and Starfury for the fight to come.

Keep your cool, Cale. You’ve got this. Waves of giant bugs came at me from all sides, but I was ready. I slashed through them with the Aegis Driver, its fiery blade leaving trails of light in the dark tunnels. My drones zipped around, targeting enemies, and providing cover fire. When my mana ran low, I switched to the Starfury, raining celestial destruction down on the hordes of insects.

“Come on, you oversized pests!” The mandibles piled up, each kill adding to my growing collection.

Parrying an attack and countering with a powerful strike, the drones' lasers cut through the swarm, giving me brief moments to catch my breath between swings.

After what felt like hours, but was probably only minutes, the swarm began to thin. The last few Antlions and Stormlions fell to my blades, and the tunnels fell silent once more. I quickly rushed to deactivate the Battle Cry, not wanting to attract more bugs now that I had what I needed.

Breathing heavily, I collected the remaining mandibles. That should be enough. Satisfied with my haul, I made my way back to the surface, the thrill of battle still buzzing in my veins.

Alright, Desert Scourge, you’re next, emerging back into the sunlight as I flew back up the pit.

Squinting against the harsh sunlight, the thrill of battle was still buzzing in my veins, but I sadly had to return home to create the summon.

As I approached my home, I could see the storage system's entrance gleaming in the distance. Time to drop off the loot and get ready for the Desert Scourge, I thought, quickening my pace.

Entering my storage room, I was greeted by the hum of the system coming to life. I emptied my inventory, watching as the mandibles, talons, and other assorted loot were automatically sorted and stored. The system hummed and whirred, processing everything with efficiency.

"Alright, that's done," I said to myself, feeling a sense of accomplishment. "Now, let's get ready for the next—"

A loud knock on the door interrupted my thoughts. "Cale, you in there?" Seth's voice called out from the other side.

I sighed, opening the door to see Seth standing there with a slightly sheepish grin. "Hey, what's up?"

Seth rubbed the back of his neck. "So, I might have forgotten to mention something a couple hours ago, heh, heh… but you’ve got school today. And, uh, you're already pretty late."

My eyes widened in realization. "Oh, crap!" I glanced at the clock on the wall, my heart sinking as I saw how late it really was. "Why didn’t you say something sooner?"

Seth shrugged, trying to suppress a chuckle. "You were pretty out of it and I figured I'd give you some time to calm down. But now you really should get going before you get into even more trouble."

I groaned, running a hand through my hair. "Great, just great. I can't believe I forgot about that damn school." I hurried to grab my school bag, slinging it over my shoulder. "Thanks for the heads-up, Seth. Really appreciate it." Grumbling out as I switched to the armor preset I had for my uniform.

Seth smirked. "Better late than never, right? Now go, before you miss the whole day."

I quickly opened a portal with a wave of the ring, stepping through as I flipped Seth off, the smarmy bastard was smirking.

───────╔═════╣ ● ╠═════╗───────

I hurried through the hallways of Kuoh Academy, trying to avoid drawing any attention to myself. Great, just great. First, I miss half a day, and now I have to sneak back in like a delinquent, I thought, feeling a mix of frustration and anxiety.

The lunch bell had already rung, and students were making their way back to class. I waited until the corridors were mostly empty before slipping into the classroom. At least I didn't miss a whole day. Maybe they won’t notice, I thought, trying to be optimistic.

As I quietly made my way to my seat, a few of my classmates glanced up, giving me curious looks. I gave them a quick nod, hoping they wouldn’t ask too many questions. Just sit down and blend in, I reminded myself.

I had just settled into my seat when the intercom crackled to life. "Attention, students," the principal's voice boomed through the speakers. "Will Cale Froste please report to the student council office after school. Cale Froste to the student council office after school. Thank you."

I felt every pair of eyes in the room turn towards me. Well, so much for blending in, feeling a flush of embarrassment creep up my neck. I can face giant birds that can wield lightning, Slimes the size of houses but this damn school makes me feel so goddamn self-conscious.

The rest of the class passed in a blur. I could barely focus on the lesson, my mind racing with thoughts about what the student council wanted. Why me? What did I do this time? I kept asking myself, but no (Sane) answers came to mind.

Finally, the last bell rang, signaling the end of the school day. I packed up my things slowly, trying to delay the inevitable.

Might as well get this over with, I thought, slinging my bag over my shoulder, and heading towards the student council office.

I stood outside the student council office, taking a deep breath before knocking on the door. A moment later, a voice called out, "Come in." I pushed the door open and stepped inside.

Sona, sat across from me with an unreadable expression. Beside her, Tsubaki, stood with a stern look on her face. They must’ve had the principal call me for… something. No sh*t dumbass.

Sona cleared her throat, breaking the silence. "Cale, we've noticed that you’ve missed part of the school day today as well as all of yesterday. Normally, this wouldn't be a major issue for a first offense, but considering the circ*mstances, we need to address it."

I frowned, my frustration and a bit of confusion building. Circ*mstances? Missed yesterday? I was here yesterday… "Wait a minute. The perverted trio gets away with their antics all the time without any punishment, but I miss a few hours and I’m the one in trouble? That’s bullsh*t!"

Sona's expression didn't change. "There are reasons behind every decision we make. The situation with the perverted trio is being handled in its own way. Your case, however, required immediate action."

Great, just what I needed, I grumbled internally. Why does the student council have this much power anyway? But then again, this place is under devil control, so it kinda makes sense from that perspective. I glanced at Tsubaki, hoping for some support, but her expression remained stern and unwavering.

"Fine," I said, crossing my arms. "What do you want me to do?"

Sona nodded, seeming satisfied with my compliance. "You will be required to do some cleaning duties over the weekend. It’s a minor task, but it’s important that you understand the importance of attending classes regularly."

I bit back another retort, knowing it wouldn’t help, though I could mentally hear the ghost of Asphodene call me a puss*... So I get cleaning duty while others get a free pass. Great, just great. "Alright, I’ll do it," I muttered.

"Good," Sona said, her tone firm. "We appreciate your cooperation. Make sure this doesn't happen again.”

I nodded, standing up to leave. As I walked out of the office, my mind was still reeling. Why did I miss yesterday… and how? I needed answers, and I knew exactly who to ask.

Making my way into an unused classroom, I did a quick check of the surroundings with the lifeform analyser, not finding anything nearby I quickly made a portal and went inside.

Making my way downstairs, I found Seth tinkering with something in the crafting room. "Hey, Seth, we need to talk," I said, trying to keep my confusion in check.

Seth looked up, raising an eyebrow. "What’s up?"

"I just got chewed out by the student council for missing part of a school day. How did that happen? It’s only been a few hours since I fought the Eye."

Seth sighed, setting down his tools. "Yeah, about that. You were out cold for a whole day after the Eye killed you. I tried to tell you, but you were in such a rush that I couldn’t get a word in before you took off again."

I ran a hand through my hair, feeling a mix of frustration and embarrassment. "Great. Just great. Now I have to do cleaning duty on the weekend because of it."

Seth chuckled softly. "Well, look on the bright side. At least you’re not actually dead... Or worse, expelled” he finished in a fake scared tone while shaking his hands.

I shot him a look but couldn’t help a small smile. "Ha…Ha... Anyways, I gotta get going. I have this evening and tomorrow to clean some areas of the school so… I want to get them done before I face the worm”

Seth nodded, giving me a thumbs-up. "Good luck with that. Try not to let the cleaning supplies beat you up."

Flipping him off as I grabbed my bag, and headed back towards the portal that connected this world to Earth… this place really needs a name…

The familiar glow of the portal shimmered before me as I stepped through, the sound of an explosion rocked open the door of my storage area open allowing me to catch sight of Gimli bursting in, "YOU BLEW A HOLE TO HELL WITHOUT-"I didn't get to hear the rest as the portal spat me out back in the classroom i had ventured through it in.

───────╔═════╣ ● ╠═════╗───────

In the student council room of Kuoh Academy, Sona sat at the head of the table, her fingers steepled thoughtfully. Beside her, Tsubaki stood with a serious expression. Across from them sat Rias Gremory and her queen, Akeno Himejima, both looking serious.

"The stray devil sightings are becoming more frequent," Sona began, her tone measured and calm. "It's a problem we need to address before it escalates further."

Rias nodded, her red hair catching the light as she shifted in her seat. "Agreed. We need to ensure the safety of Kuoh Town. Have you noticed any particular patterns in the sightings?"

Sona glanced at Tsubaki, who nodded and opened a folder. "The strays seem to be targeting isolated areas on the southern side of the park near the warehouse district. They haven't moved into the more populated regions yet, but it's only a matter of time if we don't intervene."

Akeno's eyes sparkled with a mix of curiosity and concern. "Do we know why there's been a sudden increase? It wasn't this bad before."

Sona shook her head. "We're not entirely sure. It could be a coincidence, but we can't afford to take any chances, my peerage has had four different clients attacked, two of which were killed."

Rias leaned back in her chair, her gaze thoughtful. "It’s like they’re testing us or something... Anyways, moving on to the next topic," she said, a slight smile playing on her lips, "I've been thinking about expanding my peerage. I’ve noticed a few promising candidates at the academy."

Sona raised an eyebrow. "Oh? Anyone in particular?"

Rias grinned. "There's a boy named Issei Hyoudou. He has a certain... potential that I find intriguing. Koneko confirmed that his Sacred Gear is draconic in nature."

Sona nodded slowly. "Yes, I've had several reports about him… His, reputation precedes him."

Rias chuckled softly. "He does have a bit of a reputation, but I believe there's more to him than meets the eye."

Sona exchanged a glance with Tsubaki before responding. "I had been considering the transfer student, Cale Froste. However, I’ve already found that I don’t have enough pieces to reincarnate him."

Rias's eyes lit up with interest. "Yes, Koneko mentioned sensing a strong draconic aura around him. He’s definitely a unique case."

Tsubaki spoke up, her voice even and precise. "His aura is stronger than Issei’s, but without a Sacred Gear, it’s an interesting situation, but... we can't figure out why he has such high potential. A draconic nature shouldn't have such a high cost without it originating from a sacred gear."

Rias leaned back, looking thoughtful. "That is a puzzle. We'll have to keep an eye on him regardless. His potential is too significant to ignore.”

Akeno smiled, a hint of mischief in her eyes. "Hu-fu-fu~ Looks like things are starting to get interesting around here."

Sona straightened her glasses. "Indeed. Let's focus on handling these stray devils first. We can delve deeper into our peerage discussions once Kuoh's safety is assured."

Rias leaned forward, her expression serious once more. "Agreed. Let's meet back here tomorrow to plan our next steps after dealing with the strays.”

───────╔═════╣ ● ╠═════╗───────

The Terrarian of DXD - Chapter 6 - theironcrafty (2024)
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